Remembering Lindhurst High School shooting: Olivehurst, California 1992

Last updated: March 22, 2018

Date: May 1
Year: 1992
School: Lindhurst High School
Location: Olivehurst
State: California
Wounded: 10
Fatalities: 4
Shots Fired: Unknown
Time lapsed: Unknown
Police response time: Unknown
How ended: After 8 hour standoff with 80 hostages, the shooter surrendered to police.

Civilians involved: None known

Perpetrator: Eric Christopher Houston
Age: 20
Family history: Unknown
Red flags: Told multiple people that he wanted to go to his old school and fire a few shots, maybe to scare people. 
Mental illness history: Unknown
Drug or medication use: Unknown

Inspiration: Was said to watch the movie Terminator repeatedly, which would initiate conversation about shooting up his old school. 
Possible motive: Was a former student, had dropped out. Regretted not graduating or getting his G.E.D. Admitted to holding a grudge against his former civics teacher and first victim because shooter had failed his class. 
12-gauge pump-action shotgun
Sawed-off .22-caliber rifle

Weapons obtained: Unknown
Training: Self-taught gun enthusiast who practiced frequently. 

Resulting actions: Shooter was apprehended after an 8 hour standoff. He was sentenced to the death penalty in 1993. in 2012 The California Supreme Court upheld his death penalty conviction. He is currently awaiting execution at San Quentin State Prison.

The Shooting: Houston entered his former high school and went to the civics classroom where he shot his former civics teacher Robert Brens he then turned and shot 17 year old student Judy Davis. In the hallway he shot fatally shot student Jason Edward White in the chest. He aimed his gun at a female student, and 16-year-old Beamon Aton Hill pushed her out of the way taking the shotgun blast to the head. He injured 10 more students before entering a classroom with 30 students inside. He took the class hostage and sent one student out to get more hostages threatening to kill more people if he didn't return. Houston held about 80 students hostage during his 8 hour standoff with police before surrendering.

Houston was found guilty and sentenced to death. As of March 2018 he was still on death row. 

Conspiracy Theories: None known

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